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Our Concept

Crossover Solutions

Elypsia Community

We cultivate a relationship on a human scale, because every customer counts. Our team of experts in management, communications, marketing, corporate finance and strategy will provide you with tailor-made support and guidance.


We are proud of our unique concepts in decentralised finance, implemented through our 'Community Pulse' and 'Prime Storage' offerings. Need financing solutions? We've got just what you need.


As a customer, you also benefit from exclusive access to our services portal and an invaluable network of contacts to broaden your horizons.

Corporate Solutions

Growth at the turning point

Every project is unique and deserves special attention at every stage, from conception to completion. That's why we offer a complete project management service. But we go far beyond that.


Are you looking to expand your business? Our Corporate Finance experts can help you with your business plan, financial structuring and even fundraising. With complementary services in auditing and Mergers and Acquisitions, we can help you grow and prepare your future together.

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Human Solutions

Boost your career

Whether you're looking for a job, the right training or even a career change, we can help you dream big. Our comprehensive offer includes a help and guidance service, a tailor-made support programme and a personalised analysis of the job market. But our expertise doesn't stop there: from selection and recruitment to professional integration and innovative solutions for artist placement, we've got what you need.


Our strengths? A relationship on a human scale, dedicated experts and in-depth knowledge of the market. As a client, you'll also have access to our exclusive services portal and a network of valuable contacts. Give yourself the means to achieve your dreams.

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