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Redefining lightweighting and the need for coatings

Hypetex's sustainable colouring technology for advanced engineering materials represents a major breakthrough in the lightweight revolution. It improves the weave texture of fibres while preserving, and often enhancing, their high performance characteristics.


Hypetex offers an expanding portfolio of carbon fibre colour and material combinations, developed in collaboration with its major fibre suppliers and weaving partners.

Their most recent addition, FlaxTex™, is a coated natural fibre that not only colours but also enhances the processing capabilities of linen.


In addition, Hypetex's experienced Special Projects team is available to assist and support customers with their composites programmes. This support includes technical, design and manufacturing services.


Hypetex technology is not limited to the production of fibres or fabrics. If a programme requires a customised product, Hypetex encourages customers to contact their team to discuss options specific to their needs.

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